Tests for COVID-19

We offer two FDA-approved tests for COVID-19 infection. We perform them both in our regional labs, in our mobile testing modules (MTMs) and at non-traditional sites.

Real-time RT-PCR

The most accurate test for detecting, tracking and studying SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

  • Results available in as little as 4 hours

  • Approved for international travel

  • Detects Delta and other reported variants

$150/test (credit or debit)

Rapid antigen

Rapid microfluidic immunofluroescence assay for use with the LumiraDx platform.

  • 15 minutes TAT

  • Reduced risk of specimen contamination

  • Easy interpretation

$75/test (credit or debit)

If you need rapid testing for COVID-19, please call (844)786-6324 for details.

Antigen COVID fact sheet for providers

Antigen COVID fact sheet for patients

At-home solutions


Lateral-flow antigen tests are available for purchase.

Collection kits

Self-administered nasal pharyngeal swabs for at-home collection are available for overnight shipment to our lab for RT-PCR testing.

For at-home tests or collection kits, please call (844)786-6324.

Testing doesn’t have to be hard.

We created STONE to be a diagnostic laboratory information business that’s focused on you. We built our business on a cloud-based IT platform that allows us to be flexible in everything from the way you order a test to where we perform it and how we deliver the results. If your testing situation is challenging, we can design a way to handle it.

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