Our mission

STONE Diagnostics assists physicians and health systems in caring for their patients by empowering them to become a partner in their optimal health through diagnostic information. STONE is a full-service clinical reference laboratory that specializes in preventative and molecular diagnostics testing supported by customer-focused boutique service.

Yes, we’re a lab, but our business is laboratory information

STONE was founded in 2015 in New Orleans on a flexible cloud-based IT platform designed to:

  • Simplify testing

  • Improve the efficiency of molecular diagnostics

  • Reduce consumer and corporate cost

  • Increase overall access to innovative diagnostics and quality patient care

  • Deliver exceptional customer service with industry-leading turn-around-time (TAT)

  • Provide a variety of support services from staffing to general consulting

We’re problem solvers who use PCR-based molecular testing and other DNA/RNA-based testing to detect infectious diseases, while continually enhancing our offerings in complementary diagnostic services including chemistry, immunoassay, microbiology, pharmacogenetics, hematology and prescription drug monitoring.

Currently, we operate two regional laboratories, one in New Orleans and one in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and multiple mobile testing laboratories serving a variety of non-traditional testing locations.

Out of one company, we are many

STONE is a comprehensive group of five in-network clinical diagnostics and support companies that provide accurate and timely laboratory testing and results in a variety of settings inside and outside the traditional clinical setting. In addition to diagnostic lab services, STONE also offers staffing, education, distribution and consulting.

STONE Clinical Laboratories, LLC

STONE NOLA, our original diagnostics laboratory, founded to provide innovative full-service clinical reference laboratory services to physicians and patients — comprehensive in scope, supported by boutique, customer-focused service.

STONE Clinical Laboratories, FL, LLC

Provides the same innovative full-service clinical reference laboratory services to physicians and patients covering over 200 million lives from our regional lab in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

STONE Entertainment & Production Diagnostics

Meets the needs of the film industry, sports venues and teams, festivals and conventions for on-site testing via our mobile testing laboratories — Mobile Testing Modules (MTMs) — our full-service laboratories on wheels. Currently addresses COVID-19 surveillance protocols including both RT-PCR and rapid antigen testing, with results often delivered in hours, not days.

STONE Direct Diagnostics

Provides on-site MTM service as above but for traditional clinical locations as well as locations in industry and education, currently administering both RT-PCR and rapid antigen testing.

STONE Consulting & Management

Provides a wide spectrum of support services, including live customer support, clinical and laboratory personnel staffing, custom-designed point-of-care testing solutions for both at home and clinical settings, on-site staff training and clinical education for patients.

“We’re a high-tech laboratory sciences company, but we never forget that we are first and foremost a people company.”

DAVID CASHIO, VP/GM STONE Entertainment, CXO STONE Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

Advanced PCR technology — the gold standard for viral screening and detection

Personalized Service

Personalized service from sample collection to customized reports and delivery of results

In-Network Pricing

Lower costs and less paperwork for patients with no surprise bills

Flexible Locations

When you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you

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