New Stone Partnership with BlackRidge Healthcare


JACKSON, MISS.: Since the COVID-19 outbreak, personal protective equipment such as face masks, particularly surgical masks and N95 respiratory masks, have been in high demand and also short supply. BlackRidge Healthcare, a division of BlackRidge Holdings, has leveraged strategic partnerships in an effort to appropriately and conveniently provide PPE and COVID-19 testing technology to institutions, nursing homes, hospitals, and schools in Mississippi in an effort to detect, prevent, and reduce the pandemic.

These partnerships with Mississippi institutions enable BlackRidge Healthcare to continue the fight against this unprecedented virus using the quality of its products, science backed by research, and its industry-leading customer care and support. The entire BlackRidge Healthcare team, in conjunction with Stone Clinical Laboratories, has been working tirelessly to bring COVID-19 and anti-body testing to Mississippi. BlackRidge’s efforts will expand the volume and availability of testing in Mississippi.

Stone Clinical Laboratories, based in Louisiana, has partnered with the Louisiana Department of Health for testing, with great success. Their plan is to bring the same level of success to Mississippi. “Stone has been dedicated to providing accessible, reliable COVID-19 testing from the beginning,” said Christopher Ridgeway, Founder and CEO of Stone Clinical Laboratories. “The opportunity to partner with BlackRidge enables us to bring that same level of support to Mississippi. Stone looks forward to providing industry-best laboratory testing and we are proud to be an instrumental part of the effort to bring mass testing to the citizens of Mississippi.”

Cortney Davis, BlackRidge’s CEO explains the importance of the alliance with Stone Laboratories, “On a national level, Admiral Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has stated that his agency will need the capacity to collectively test 40 million to 50 million people a month by September. In Mississippi, children and vulnerable populations must be given the same priority. The collaboration with Stone Laboratories affords an option to better serve and protect students, industry, and our senior citizens with fast and reliable results.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, researchers have been studying how long it can live on various surfaces, from cardboard to stainless steel, and how it is transmitted from person to person. This growing body of research has been used to help guide recommendations on how the public can protect themselves from COVID-19.

Through innovative COVID-19 testing technology and readily available PPE, BlackRidge is dedicated to reducing and eventually eliminating the threat of COVID-19 to Mississippians and others around the country.


Blackridge Healthcare Solutions LLC, located in Jackson, MS, is dedicated to supporting physicians and healthcare systems in achieving the Triple Aim through the use of new technologies and services. In this evolving age of “precision medicine” we are bringing new solutions to physicians and other healthcare providers in both the fee-for-service and ACO worlds.
Founded in 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Stone Clinical Laboratories (SCL) is a full-service clinical reference laboratory that specializes in preventative and molecular diagnostics testing. Stone focuses on simplifying testing, improving the efficiency of molecular diagnostics, reducing consumer and corporate cost, and increasing overall access to innovative diagnostics and the quality of patient care. SCL uses PCR-based molecular testing to detect infectious diseases and other DNA/RNA based testing, while continually enhancing its offerings in complementary diagnostic services including chemistry, microbiology, pharmacogenetic, hematology and prescription drug monitoring. Currently, SCL has two redundant laboratories, one in New Orleans, Louisiana and the other in Miramar Beach, Florida.

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